Home Staging: 5 tips to better sell or rent your home

Home Staging: 5 tips to better sell or rent your home

If we get ready for a date or fix our house to receive our friends, it would not be as convenient to fix our house when we want to sell or rent it.

When I have to explain what home staging is, I often use this simile: What would you do if you had a first date and also at home? I, of course, choose my best dress, take a good relaxing bath to be clean and well perfumed, put on makeup to highlight my best face and of course, tidy up my house... Clean it well and thoroughly, tidy it up, remove all my junk out of the way, the photos of my little one and my ex and, of course, all the toys on the rug. There is nothing less suggestive at a romantic dinner than being surrounded by personal belongings and memories from a past life that scream: You are a stranger, you are not a part of my life and you never will be!

Home staging consists of showing the best face of a home to make the future inhabitant fall in love and feel that this house can be their home.

Buy flowers, put some candles, put on soft music and wait for the magic to arise... For me, it doesn't stay. And besides, all this must seem spontaneous. As my grandmother used to say, there is always a pot for a flower, and I love flowers and really pretty pots.

This is definitely home staging, preparing a house for a first date that we have achieved online. So it is ESSENTIAL to take some good photos so that the most beautiful and interesting people contact us!


Tiddy up

Tidy spaces convey a sense of calm and peace, something we all look for when we get home. Here are a couple of useful links in this regard: how to get rid of everything that does not bring you happiness, from the hands of the guru of order  Marie Kondo and our friend Ana Samper and her company @ordenyconcierto .

Before embellish the house

After home staging

Clear and depersonalize

Clearing spaces so that light, good energy and people circulate freely is very important to convey good feelings and make spaces appear larger. Depersonalizing environments will help us so that future inhabitants do not feel like strangers and can imagine themselves living in that house, thus taking the opportunity to start packing boxes and preparing for the move. The power of the mind is incredible and making the move predisposes us to sell.




You must fix everything that does not work well: blinds, taps, doors, windows... And also paint and repair damp. With all this effort you will decrease the buyer's ability to negotiate the price.


Cleanliness is essential to create a good impression. The house must be impeccable, very clean, especially the kitchen and bathrooms. It must smell good! There is nothing worse in a visit to a home than causing unpleasant sensations in potential buyers.

Furnish and harmonize the space

Neutral colors and modern decoration help reach more people, as they transmit more positive feelings and increase the chances of success. This article on home staging published in Mi Casa magazine complements this statement.



And to finish… A little history of home staging:

Elhome staging was born and grew simultaneously in the United States, Canada and Australia from the 1970s, protected by the conditions of the great real estate market offer. Currently, half of North American properties are the subject of a home staging operation before entering the market for sale. It spread in the British real estate market in the early 1990s, and then in the Scandinavian, French, Belgian, Dutch and German markets throughout the 2000s. It was precisely in the late 2000s that the first companies appeared. specialized in the real estate market in Spain, today, grouped in the  Home Staging Spain Association. .

Home Staging is a real estate marketing technique that was born in the 70s in the United States

I have been professionally dedicated to home staging for more than 10 years. First on my own, fromLa Observadora Home Staging, then with Monapart and now with ARENae. If you want to know more about the home staging service we offer and how it can help you rent or sell your home sooner and better.

Ask me and I will be happy to help you!