The future is here: Digitisation of electronic signatures

The future is here: Digitisation of electronic signatures

Real estate agencies are adapting to the digital age by implementing changes and transforming digitally.

While it is true that this entire tsunami of the COVID-19 pandemic has overwhelmed us in every way, it is also true that technology has evolved to make our life in confinement easier. The use of technology has increased exponentially and we use it for practically everything.

The fact of being isolated has created new digital habits that until now we had not needed, we had always been able to go out and meet for basically anything, now for better or worse things have changed radically. Companies and businesses are adapting to this new scenario and are implementing changes, transforming digitally in order to meet the new expectations that are emerging.

Welcome to the digital age!

Before, we already bought clothes, plane tickets, food or rented a car or booked a hotel room without moving from our living room. Today we have incorporated this technology and we can now sign a deposit contract or the rental of our future home from the comfort of our sofa.

The wonderful digital signature has come to stay. It is a 100% safe and legal online procedure and it is not necessary to have an electronic DNI or digital certificate or special programs on our device that make us want to stamp the computer against the wall, because that happens, do not deny it, but with the new applications you have no idea how easy it is.

How does it benefit us?

At the moment helping the planet, we no longer have to spend lots of sheets of paper, printer ink and wasted time on the move with the usual impact on our CO² footprint that is doing so much damage to our environment.

This new modality allows us to manage the vast majority of the documents of our agency and the advanced electronic signature guarantees both the identity of the person signing the document and that the document has not undergone any modification. The truth is that it is an ideal way to speed up the signing of any document that is necessary.

Fast and effective

With this new technology you can sign whenever you want, however you want and wherever you want, from your mobile device, tablet or from your computer, you just need to have an internet connection. The different companies that develop these tools make them very easy to use and intuitive so that anyone is willing to use them without necessarily being a computer geek.

We explain how it is done

To be able to sign digitally we need to access an online platform, but we don't have to download any application or anything like that and it can be done from any device we have at home. All you need is an email and a mobile phone number whose owner is the signatory.

As many signatories as necessary can intervene in the process and from the platform it allows you to digitize all document signing and contractual management processes.

From the office we upload the document that we need to be signed, usually in a pdf. The system checks that everything is correct, that there are no errors in the file. We choose with the template editor of the platform where we need the signature to appear and adapt the size we need.

The advanced electronic signature guarantees both the identity of the person signing the document and that the document has not undergone any modification

From here it is sent to the email address of the recipient who has to sign the document and once the document has been sent correctly, we can follow the status of that shipment in real time. A time appears next to the document, and this is an official platform time stamp, each time the recipient interacts with the document. Once the recipient signs the document, it is already available from the platform and we can download it to attach it to our file. The recipient will receive an email in their inbox with the signed document. So easy and simple.