Rehabilitation of a beautiful house with high ceilings with a patio

Renovation of a beautiful house with high ceilings and patio.

Completely refurbished, this ground floor with a patio is now a bright home in the center.

The owner never considered having a house to rent, but as soon as he saw this he fell completely in love and had no choice but to buy it. Truth be told, looking at the before photos, it is difficult to understand how that love arose, but knowing that the current owner is an architecture lover, perhaps we can understand it better.

The house is a ground floor located in a 1910 building with only two floors. Originally it was compartmentalized with narrow rooms linked by a dark corridor leading to a courtyard to which a ramshackle toilet had been added. With all this panorama of a poorly distributed and dark house, which was also full of junk and useless furniture, the owner saw a house that could be bright and cheerful with a nice patio where to place a table and perhaps even a barbecue for a gathering of friends.

And so it was, in the reform the rooms that opened onto the patio were joined, to locate the dining room with the integrated kitchen. The bathroom has been located closer to the only bedroom, so that the distribution of the house flows, being divided into two clearly differentiated zones for day and night. The keys to this reform are undoubtedly comfort and light. The owner wanted to maintain some of the original construction features, such as the exposed beams or the masonry walls.

The patio renovation

The first sight of the courtyard was disheartening. The former owner had installed a dovecote, in addition to building an addition, to locate a toilet and a gallery.

During the reform, all the buildings were removed to achieve a larger diaphanous exterior surface and the stone of the walls was recovered.


The material for the flooring, we opted for a technological outdoor platform combined with red ceramic tile, to provide warmth. A sink has been installed on a granite shelf, which we assume will have multiple uses, either for when a dinner is organized on the patio or to have water to water the plants.

The transformation of the living room and kitchen

With such small spaces, the best option was to have the living room, dining room and kitchen in the same area. The old partition walls were demolished and everything was unified in the same space.

The new kitchen in the peninsula, although small, has all the comforts so that nothing is missing. The same tone of wood has been used as for the rest of the house and this makes it all visually consistent. So that the perspective from the kitchen to the patio is interrupted as little as possible, a decorative steel hood has been chosen and it has been decided not to include any other tall furniture "this visual is very important, since that way we can enjoy the view towards the living room and the patio

In this area part of the original beams have been recovered, it has been decided to paint them white as they provide more warmth and spaciousness to the house. They have also played with the stone and the vertical parameters of the plasterboard in the bench and thus give the space more dynamism. The result is simple and elegant.


Light in the bathroom

Given the morphology of the house, the bathroom had to be located inside, without external ventilation and therefore without a window to give it light. To solve this problem, it was decided to finish the partitions in the upper part with fixed glass and thus give the bathroom natural light.

A rectangular gloss finish tile has been chosen in a beautiful sea blue that combines with the light wood of the washbasin cabinet and contrasts with the black taps. The flooring is the same throughout the house, even in the shower, and gives continuity to the spaces. The access door is sliding to make the most of the space of this small flat.

Bedroom wall detail

On the wall that serves as the headboard, part of the exposed stone wall has been recovered and, playing with the materials, a headboard has been created for the bed, including a small shelf as a shelf and the lights have been placed on the projection. The upper part of the cabinet is made of glass and, as we have mentioned before, it provides natural light to the bathroom.

Headboard detail