What insurance to take out for rented property

Types of contracts for rented housing

Did you know that there are different types of insurance for rental housing?

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Today we would like to introduce you to the different types of insurance that are available on the market for a rented property, which vary depending on whether you are a tenant or an owner and also depending on the type of rental contract that is signed between the parties:


If you are a landlord:

Depending on the type of contract the duration varies significantly:

  • Home Insurance: Guarantees the integrity of the property and includes the building as well as civil liability, which it is highly recommended that it be insured.


  • Non-payment of rent insurance: Avoids worries about non-payment and insures the rental income. The main action of an insurance against non-payment of rent is that it covers the payment of the debt if the tenant stops paying the rent.

If you are a tenant:

  • Home and Liability Insurance: Home insurance for tenants has some of the guarantees covered by ordinary home insurance, but is adapted to the protection needs that a tenant and his family may need in a rented property. It covers contents and CR.


  • Surety insurance: This is an insurance that protects landlords against possible non-payment of rent. The novelty is that this insurance guarantees the collection of rent, community expenses and supplies by the owner of the property, but it is the tenant who pays it. It is an insurance to be valued in seasonal rental contracts in which it is not possible to take out Rent Default Insurance 📝🤝.

Insurance against non-payment of rent
For seasonal rentals, it is not possible to take out non-payment insurance, but it is possible to take out surety insurance.
When renting a regular home, you can take out insurance against non-payment of rent.